Why A Local Business Marketing Funnel Is Better Than “#1 In Google”

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📍 What’s better than being “#1 in Google?” A complete local business marketing funnel, that’s what.

📍 This video will get you clear on what that entails for local businesses, and why businesses without one are at a disadvantage.

📍 Here’s the Working Funnel deep dive I promised in the video:

📍 Know a local business owner who’s struggling during this difficult year? Give them clarity on their marketing priorities—share this and the deep dive with them.

📍 The Working Funnel is a done-for-you, end-to-end digital marketing solution for local businesses. It will transform your marketing into a multi-channel lead generation machine. It’s helped local businesses on four continents–it can probably help yours.
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And again, I guarantee you’ll learn things about your marketing you don’t know (but should):

Local Online Marketing With The Working Funnel

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