Why do you need an online marketing funnel in your business?

When I first started my business, I started it like a traditional expert based business. I sold my time which meant I traveled all the time. As the business grew, I was on a plane serving Fortune 500 clients almost every single week.

I had maxed out the revenue potential of my business.
BIG bonus: I was rapidly falling out of love with the business I had created.

I had to figure out a way to serve more clients without it requiring me to fly all over.

Sitting in an airport waiting to fly out to Madison, WI was when I decided to create my first online funnel. It was a moment that changed everything.

That online course funnel created predictable revenue in my business–for the first time. It allowed me to immediately get off the road. I no longer was traveling and it freed up time for me to start to create what was next in the business.

Why should you create an online funnel? The reasons are different for all of us. But, getting clear on how this will benefit your business is the first step in making it happen.

What do you want to create in your business?
1. Are you looking to replace one to one work with a leverage product?
2. Do you have something that you’re having to do right now that you need to get off your plate while also keeping your revenue at the same level or higher?
3. Do you need to free up time because you have a desire to work on something new or to have more time in your life? Is not having time to work on new products or strategies a barrier in your business?
4. Do you simply have a desire to increase revenue in your business? You have a product idea or course idea, a coaching program idea, and you want to create that idea and get it out there. An online funnel will add another layer of revenue in your business.
5. Do you need more predictability in your revenue flow in your business?

What’s your “why”?

In this week’s episode of The Expert Called You, we are diving into all the ways an online experience funnel can create a return for your business (and not necessarily just monetarily).
Summary of Big Ideas:
– Why understanding why you want to create an online funnel is the first step to building a successful plan
– My “working backwards” method for developing your online experience funnel
0 The business impact of an online funnel…that go way beyond revenue

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We will walk through the step-by-step to choosing the right audience, getting clear on what to offer, and how to focus on the right next steps to grow your business fast.

A quick look inside:
– How I launched my first online course and generated $91k in revenue in 16 days—starting with a puny little list of 150 people. (This same course has now generated millions in revenue).
– What individuals and big businesses are buying from coaches, consultants, and experts like you
– The 3 shifts you have to make now to build a fast-growing, profitable expert business
– How to stand out in all the online noise.. and be THE choice in your niche- The 2 Questions you need to answer to find the right audience
– The one thing you need to focus on to get high-ticket corporate clients and fill your online courses, coaching programs, and events…
– How one client went from giving away seats to fill her small workshops to now enrolling over 300 clients in her latest launch of her online course.

Plus, we will also walk through an overview of the Expert Experience Method™ for finding the right audience, nailing the right topic, and choosing the right next level offers so that you build a community of raving fans.

Click here to get your free copy – me a comment if you have any questions!

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