Why ss shouldn’t use ClickFunnels

In this video I’m to Explain why I don’t use ClickFunnels and why ss and shouldn’t use it too.

Clicks is a great Piece of and I love Russell’s WRK. I’ve Read his books, Been on his and I Admire WHAT he’s doing. I’ve Been on the Clicks Vidcast WITH Dave.

However, for ss to scale Their Offering to customers, Clicks MAKE it Hard to WRK WITH for Multiples customers.

If you own the product, as Selling T-shirts or Telephone cases. And you are new to Intarwebs and online Marketeer, Clicks Is a choice. This isn’t a video about WHAT I hate about Clicks, but I don’t think it’s Suitable as a for Marketeer ss stop.

1. It’s to scale at $297 per Dracontic per customer
2. You are AEdificium on Their Which Shall change Terms of Services any day
3. I Likes to keep my Processing and Ecosystems to one in page ss (Beaver s)

Build Funnels Beaver s And ActiveCampaign Certification:

Beaver s (affiliate link):

ActiveCampaign (affiliate link):

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