Why You Need a Low-Ticket Offer in Your Marketing Funnel & How To Make It Irresistible 💎

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Why You Need a Low-Ticket Offer in Your Marketing Funnel & How To Make It Irresistible 💎

Using low-ticket offers can be a game changer for your business, when done correctly. The first sale is always the hardest sale to get, so your goal with a low-ticket offer is to reduce buyer resistance. In the next video, I am going to show you how to create an upsell offer that will increase your Average Order Value, and actually make your funnel really profitable, but for now the first problem is to turn a prospect into a buyer.

So you want to use your low ticket offer to build trust with your prospect and really your goal should be to overdeliver! This is really important to understand. Your goal when creating a low ticket offer should be that you are offering something so appealing that even the greediest person in the world would think that they are getting an amazing deal. You really want to appeal to people’s greed and desire to get a bargain. You want to under promise and overdeliver to establish trust in the relationship.

Tripwire funnel expert Perry Belcher says about creating low ticket offer funnels:
“You need to have a low barrier to entry. The lower you can reduce the (barrier to entry) the better. You’ll be surprised at what price will do. A $2.95 offer for us typically performs twice as well as a $4.95 offer. And that gives me twice as many opportunities to make an upsell. So which would I rather sell at?”

Congruence is key with a low-ticket offer. You have to make sure that your upsell in the next step is a bigger, better version than your low-ticket offer or else it won’t convert as well. Congruence between your low ticket offer and your upsells reduces buying friction and will increase your conversions.

In the One Funnel Away Challenge, Russell Brunson teaches that your low ticket offer is basically a splinter framework. You want to figure out what the ultimate result is that you want to get for people, your Ultimate Result is the thing that is the highest value you can give to your customers. Remember that people don’t buy courses or products, they buy RESULTS.
So If you are teaching people how to publish a book, maybe your ultimate result is teaching them how to become a best selling author. Splinter results are small versions or frameworks of results that you can get people – for example, how to create an outline for your book. You can give away a splinter result as a low-ticket offer, and create more in-depth versions of that framework as your upsells.

One of the best examples of this I can find is the DotCom Secrets Book Funnel. This is a great example because the book is Free + shipping – you only pay $9.95 to cover shipping, and there are lots of valuable bonuses given away for free. Another important thing to note about low ticket offer funnels is that you want it to solve a problem but create additional problems – create a low ticket offer that is useful but incomplete.

So remember, low ticket offers can be very effective at turning prospects into buyers. When you create your low ticket offer, make your low ticket offer absolutely irresistible, make your upsells congruent, and use your low ticket offer to build trust with your customers.

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