Why you need an Evergreen Sales Funnel: Best Evergreen Marketing Funnel Strategies

Do you want to build a sustainable yoga business and be in this industry for the long haul? Then having an evergreen sales funnel within your business is a necessity.

An evergreen sales funnel is not only a source of passive income, but having one in place will allow you to stay within your zone of genius and focus on the tasks that really matter to you.

In this video we talk about why you need an evergreen sales funnel and educate you on the best evergreen marketing funnel strategies out there.

To create an online yoga business that you can scale and grow, creating passive income for yourself, then an evergreen marketing funnel is a must. Especially if you are feeling burnt out and questioning the sustainability of your yoga business.

This video covers:

🌟 What an evergreen funnel is
🌟 Why you need an evergreen sales funnel
🌟 The benefits of an evergreen sales funnel
🌟 Different evergreen funnel strategies
🌟 The truth about passive income
🌟 The number one mistake yogipreneurs make when it’s comes to creating their evergreen funnel
🌟 The difference between a live launch and an evergreen launch

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