WooCommerce Upsells: How to Customize Post-Purchase Funnel Pages | Show multiple Products on a page

WooCommerce Upsells (Post-Purchase) help boosts the order value automatically. Offer relevant products after securing the initial purchase so as to not interfere with the customer shopping experience.

In this video learn how to design your WooCommerce one-click upsell pages and even create multi-product offer layouts.

The WooFunnels Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole funnel builder, highlighting the total customer, revenue, the best doing upsells, and more. Set up upsells to follow up after a global or product-specific checkout page on autopilot.

That’s not all, with WooFunnels you even have the option of adding multiple products to the same Upsell page and linking different offers with one another through the Dynamic Upsell Offer Path.
Customizing the upsell pages in Elementor becomes easier with the conversion-optimized pre-built templates. Use the specially designed Elementor widgets to design a page that is attractive and on-brand.

Also, showcase the product price in a stacked format with labels reading the original and offered prices.
In this video tutorial, we teach you how you can design and customize a high-converting checkout page and a post-purchase one-click upsell offer for a physical product.

Time Stamps:
2: 12 WooFunnels Dashboard Overview
3: 14 Adding a new Checkout Page
10: 20 Customize the Checkout Page in Elementor
16: 18 Adding a one-click upsell offer
17: 11 Import a Multi-Product Template
17: 25 Edit the Page in Elementor
18: 14 Global Upsell Settings

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