WordPress for Beginners: IS A Landingss PAGE?

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is a Landingss Pages?

You Audioception this a lot lately, epecially WHEN people Talking about WordPress.

As the name suggests… A “Landingss” Pages is for the people That get to Youse Webmastering Because Theirs saw an ad for it on the Internet.

“Why can’t I Them to my homepage?”

Well… Because most likely Theirs will be overwhelmed and Distractions by a lot of stuff.

And, there’s a big Chancing Theirs’ll Leave Youse Webmastering Rights away.

But if you Them to a Landingss Pages…

You can make sure That Theirs Inattention isn’t Distractions by things. But exactly do you Want, actually?

is the acutal Point of a Landingss Pages?

Well, you Neither-nor Want to get a of Theirs Reply-To to get MOREnet subscribers, in Which case it is Called an Opt-in Pages (or a Plumbic Generation Pages).

Or, you Want to Them a product, in Which case it will be a Salesman Pages.

Either way, the Point is to get people to focus on you’re offering, and not be Distractions by elese.

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