WordPress Sales Funnel Plugin: Let’s Built a 5-Step Optimized Sales Funnel

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A flexible funnel builder is what you need right now!

What if you want to create a two-step checkout page with express pay options or the Google Address Autocomplete?

Maybe you want to create a one-click upsell path in a way that you want to show the next offer if the previous one got accepted or multiple offers on a page.

A flexible funnel builder is one that works beyond these pages. You can create campaigns for users who have abandoned their carts, follow up with new purchasers, send win-back campaigns, and more.

Well, your search for a robust and flexible Funnel Builder ends right here.

Meet #WooFunnels.

In this video, we will give you a step-by-step tutorial to create a 5-step compelling sales funnel with WooFunnels.

Time Stamps:
0: 00 – Intro
1: 13 – WooFunnels Funnel Builder Walkthrough starts
1: 38 – Adding a new funnel
2: 26 – Creating the funnel steps
3: 45 – Starting off with preparing an Opt-in page
6: 46 – Creating an Opt-in confirmation
9: 14 – Adding a two-step checkout page
18: 33 – Adding an order bump
21: 03 – Creating one-click upsell offers
25: 57 – Building an on-brand thank you page
28: 43 – Testing the complete funnel

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