WordPress Web Design Tutorial: Create a frickin awesome landing page without buying software

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Download my best website blueprints: and convert more of your website visitors FASTER! In this video, I’ll show you two high-converting landing page web designs for WordPress or other CMS. Watch this video for an in depth look at how to construct a landing page for leads and sales.

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Video Notes:

0: 36- definition of a landing page is any page that a viewer lands on after clicking on an ad. These pages are intentioned to convert a viewer to a lead or a sale.

There are a few different kinds of landing pages:

Product pages
Buy pages
Squeeze pages

1: 29 Simple Landing page designs for opt ins should not have any navigation. Your Banner should match your branding and include your headline. Include a left-to-right workflow and use a video or image so the viewer knows your value proposition immediately. Your opt in email

3: 26 Conversion tip: never ask for information that you don’t need to move the customer to the next step. Keep most of your designs above the page and don’t include too much information- it comes off as creepy.

5: 00 Develop your landing page in rows and columns. Use a 1-column row to place headlines and value propositions. Use a 3 column row to place 3 testimonials or feature benefits.

7: 00 landing page designs for products using a lead-pages template.

8: 00- 3 different ways to look at the landing page design

1- click the ad
2- they go to the landing page
3- confirmation or thank you page


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