Ylopo the uncensored review

Ylopo is a real estate lead generation company focused on leveraging the latest in technology to get better leads using the same methods of direct advertising many of its competitors use. This video was produced in TANDEM with the Ylopo team and they gave me unprecedented access to company information including details on how the service works, what their current programs are, and what their future programs might look like. They also gave me access to the Ylopo success community where I have been following the stories of hundreds of Ylopo end users.

0: 48 Ylopo Company and Leadership Introduction
8: 43 Ylopo Account Access
10: 16 Pricing
12: 30 Ylopo Dashboard
13: 46 Search Website and Facebook Marketing
16: 36 Ylopo Integrations
18: 34 Lead Conversion Rate
23: 07 Automated Lead Generation Platform
27: 04 Converting Your Leads from Ylopo
29: 52 Cost of Lead Acquisition
34: 24 Ylopo Success Community In-detail

I’m launching this video a couple of days BEFORE I launch the written blog post. As of 6/11/2020, you will be able to see the full written review here:


Also here is a support link mentioned in the video. A link to the follow up boss review.


Information on Robert and the services InboundREM provides.


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