Your First Sales Funnel: How To Choose The RIGHT Strategy | Beginners Guide

Ok, so you’ve come up with a brilliant idea and you’re ready to get it out into the world… but how do you generate leads to this incredible new offer?

In this video, Tammy talks about funnel strategies and the best high-converting sales funnel strategy to bring in sales. There are 5 fast-results sales funnel strategies that are the easiest and fastest way to bring in clients that you want! Watch as Tammy dives into simplifying the process and clarifying the confusion about the WRONG funnel strategies.


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Top 5 fast-results sale funnel types
You don’t have an offer ready yet, but need clients
The 5 highest-converting funnels we use
How to build a tribe without any clients

Who is Tammy Lane?

The Tech Doc Behind FunnelCures…
My amazing team and I have been creating funnels since the dawn of Facebook, and in those years I’ve brought in more than $20 million of sales online. So, you could say we’ve got some experience. Before I spotted the enormous gap screaming for a simple, one-stop funnel product, I spent some significant time in the trenches creating my own multi-million-dollar businesses – three times! I’ve also worked as a CPA (Accountant) which means I look at everything from a risk vs reward perspective and always ensure the numbers will make sense for our clients. For more than 15 years, my team and I have been building 7 figure Facebook funnels for my private clients so they can reap the benefits of never-ending, high-quality leads, clients, and sales while they do great things in the world. After realizing it could have been so much quicker, cheaper and way less painful if I’d just had the right solution to start with (for myself and my clients), I decided to build the solution.

That pain and frustration are what led to FunnelCures™️.

*Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.

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