Your Primary Sales Funnel

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Your Primary Sales Funnel

Okay, let’s jam on primary and secondary sales funnels for a hot sec.

Wait, what? There are two sales funnels!?

Yes, and there’s a reason we need a primary and a secondary sales funnel.

There’s a study I learned from Dean Jackson and in that study, there is data that breaks down why you need both a primary and secondary funnel.

But, a lot of people right now are talking about (and you’ve probably heard) that you don’t need a funnel.

Or you just need a simple one.

And that’s great, but that’s often the primary funnel that most gurus are talking about.

That’s for the problem and solution aware folks.

We can’t forget the people that aren’t going to buy right away.

AND that’s the majority of the people.

So, I’m going to break down why we need both in the latest episode.

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